Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without giving you prior notice. Your use of the Digital Loyalty Academy by SaaSquatch or its certifications after any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms as modified. If you don’t agree with these terms, you are not to use the Digital Loyalty Academy by SaaSquatch or its certifications.

If we provide you with a certification badge, certificate or other associated content, you may not alter the intended meaning or appearance of such certification badges, certificates, or associated content in any way. 

Except as we describe below, all certification badges must include an individual's name. Companies or agencies are not permitted to put their company or agency name on a certification badge.

Unless we otherwise agree in writing, Digital Loyalty Academy by SaaSquatch content (certifications included) can not be sold or used for profit by you or your company or agency.

If you wish to write about the certification or content or share images and graphics being used - our request is that you do not release any specific test questions or answers, and link back to the certification program. 

We will not release information about whether or not you have taken a test, how you performed, whether or not you submitted a practicum or other items related to your certification performance without your permission.  This also means that if you are looking to understand how someone else performed on a certification, you’ll have to ask him or her directly, or get his or her permission to have this information sent to you.

All certification participants must abide by all the other rules and criteria listed here on this page or otherwise applicable.

We may change the name or appearance of any certification badge as necessary and you must use the most up-to-date version.

We might change access to certifications, requirements for pre-requisites for certifications, discontinue certifications, or elect to charge a fee for certifications at any time.